Bình chữa cháy nhỏ FireShield 600ml ABF

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Our Fireshield Multifoam Small Fire Extinguishers provide a fast and powerful means of tackling Class A solid fires (wood, paper, fibres), Class B flammable liquids (Petrol, solvents) and Class F deep fat cooking & burning oil fires, by forming a flame smothering seal over the surface and preventing re-ignition. This Aqueous Film Forming Foam (AFFF) solution is a water-based, highly effective fire-fighting medium particularly when used against fat and oil fires. This Multifoam fire extinguisher is ideal for multi-risk usage on small domestic fires around the home and various locations such as cars, taxis, caravans and boats.

Mains electrical power must be switched off before use on mains electrical fires, although this product has been safety tested to 1000V if used in error on live electrical fires.


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