Bình chữa cháy 2Kg Co2 Fire tân trang

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Our Refurbished 2Kg Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are refurbished to a very high standard, filled ready for use with a one year manufacturer’s warranty. Carbon Dioxide fire extinguishers are also known as CO2 fire extinguishers and are ideal for use in Offices, Hospitals, Supermarkets, Hotels, Restaurants, Paint shops, Fast Food Chains, Clothing and Fabric Industries, Industrial Units, etc. CO2 extinguishers are also ideal for many industries where welding machines are present. These fire extinguishers offer protection against Class B type fires, but primarily they are to be used on fires where electrical equipment may be present.

*Refurbished extinguishers are NOT SUPPLIED WITH A HORN, these need to be purchased separately*


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